Foxboro Field Devices

Pneumatic Instruments

Pneumatic Instruments
Foxboro has a long history of manufacturing a broad range of dependable pneumatic instruments, including transmitters, large case and panel mounted instruments for recording and controlling, current to pneumatic converters, and many more.

Foxboro Pneumatic Transmitters

All of Foxboro instruments have been field proven through years of experience and are precise, easy to maintain, and available in a wide range of materials.

To view our complete line of pneumatic instruments, download our Pneumatic Catalog.

The Foxboro line encompasses a variety of measurement types.


  • Flow Measurement

  • Temperature Measurement

  • Pressure Measurement

  • Liquid Level Measurement

  • Other Applications


Large Case Instruments

Foxboro large case instruments have been on the job for years in process plants around the world.

These versatile instruments fit a wide range of applications. There’s a unit for just about every process function:


  • Recording

  • Indicating

  • Controlling

  • Totalizing

  • Transmitting

And they are available with a selection of measurement elements:

  • Flow

  • Pressure

  • Humidity

  • Temperature

  • Servo Elements for RTDs/Thermocouples and other Electrical Inputs


Many processes require both electronic and pneumatic instrumentation. Converters allow you to integrate that combination into your control strategy.

Foxboro makes converters for both purposes:
Current-to-Pneumatic (I/P) E69 Series


  • Available with a selection of input/output signals

  • Small, compact, lightweight—for easy installation

  • High air delivery rate for direct valve actuation